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Make Up

We are grateful to offer makeup up services for weddings, events, photoshoot, and films.Specializing in Airbrush, High Definition, and Beauty makeup, we offer in-studio and on location makeup services. All makeup services include Airbrush, traditional makeup, and false eyelash application.



Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, or micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance your

eyebrows, eyeliner, and or lips.

We offer a variety of technique per area, mainly European styles, such as Phibrows, Boldbrows, Magic Shading, Powderbrows, Cashmere Brows to Hybrid for brows.

Lash enhancements or Baby Liner, Classic Eyeliner, and Soft Liner for Eyeliner Tattoo.

Aquarelle, Superbright, Diamond Lips, Luxurios Lips, Lip Blushing, and Lip Toning for lip techniques.

Book a complimentary consultation for your PMU needs!


Lash Lift ++

Enhance the beauty of your natural lashes with Lash Lift. With this service, it will help you achieve a perfectly curled, lifted, and longer looking lashes that immediately opens up your eyes. The treatment will take about an hour with results that will last for 6-8 weeks. Get that length and definition without the upkeep of lash extensions and falsies.

Add Tint for a bolder, defined, and with mascara looking lashes. Tint will accentuate the full length of your lashes as it makes your lashes look darker, longer and voluminous.

Add treatment with the most advanced lash repair Organic Lash Botox and it will give your lashes the nourishments it needs. 

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